Assessment & Treatment

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The Initial Assessment is conducted by a qualified Physiotherapist. Firstly we discuss how your problem came about, and how it has affected your lifestyle. Then we will ask you specific questions about your pattern of pain and how it impacts on your day to day activities. Finally there is an Objective Assessment using the Multi Cervical Unit to measure the true mobility and strength of your neck.

The values you demonstrate will then be compared to values expected of a healthy individual. If a deficit is found, then a program is designed to rectify the problem. The rehabilitation program is based upon performing strength and conditioning exercises isolated to the neck. This is different to general body rehabilitation, such as gym workouts or hydrotherapy programs. Our programs isolate and target the muscles found to be weak from our initial evaluation.

The aim of the program is simple – to rectify any deficits identified in the Initial Assessment. Once these areas have improved to a “normal” level (what would be expected of a healthy neck) you will be discharged, perhaps with some home exercises or we progress you back into something you enjoy such as: gym, Pilates, swimming, yoga or perhaps tennis or golf to maintain your mobility and strength. Once you achieve these target strength goals, 75% of our patients report a significant improvement in their symptoms.

You do not have to suffer neck pain any longer-call us now (9583 0333) to schedule a time for a detailed evaluation.