Scientific Publications

The Melbourne Whiplash Centre is committed to evidence based practice. This ensures our patients receive the best possible treatment to assist with their managment and recovery.

The Melbourne Whiplash Centre has been directly involved in numerous publications. These are listed below with a brief summary of each paper:

  1. Spine Publication, Davidson and De Nardis 2011 “ A 12 item Symptom Intensity Rating scale”. This paper directly correlated the SIR with the universally accepted NDI (Neck Disability Index). Results suggest that both the NDI and SIR should be used to evaluate both the pain scale and functional capacity of patients suffering from chronic neck pain. Click here to read the full article »
  2. Professor Jenny Keating and De Nardis, published in 2008 in the Journal of Whiplash and Related disorders. This paper demonstrated that patients with higher levels of neck dysfunction respond more favourably than those with mild dysfunction to our advanced neck rehabilitation program. Click here to read the full article »

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