The Missing Link in Neck Rehabilitation

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How we can help you

The most common question asked of us here at the Melbourne Whiplash Centre is: “How can you help me?” Our simple answer to this question is, “Once we have performed our detailed two hour evaluation, we will know whether you are a suitable candidate for our program, or not”.

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Treatment of whiplash

There are many manual techniques that have evidence of assisting ease symptoms of patients suffering from chronic neck pain. We employ the majority of the techniques listed below on an as need basis with our patients. However, we believe there isn’t a more important or potent treatment than a graduated strengthening and conditioning program for the cervical spine. This is accomplished at our centre via our computerised technology and sophisticated equipment known as the MCU (Multi cervical Unit).

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Whiplash and Chronic Neck Pain

Designed to successfully treat chronic neck pain, our team are trained on technology designed at our clinic and used internationally in over 200 facilities. 85% of our patients are experiencing their neck symptoms stemming from a motor vehicle accident. But chronic neck pain can also arise from direct trauma, assaults or simply by sitting at a desk all day. Whiplash symptoms can vary enormously. This will depend on the type of accident, the speed at impact, car type and the position of your neck and body at impact.

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Getting Started

Patients experiencing chronic neck pain are first screened via a 2 hour evaluation on our computerised Multi Cervical Unit (MCU) to determine if our advanced neck rehabilitation program is suitable for their needs.

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