Meet our Staff


  • Robert De Nardis

    Centre Director / Consultant Physiotherapist
    Managing Director of the centre, Robert has an extensive background as a Physiotherapist specialising in the management of clients suffering from acute and chronic neck issues.  Robert has been instrumental in designing the new model Multi Cervical Unit (MCU) and he also produced the Melbourne Protocol which is the manufacturers  user guide for the MCU. Robert’s many achievements in this field include: Panel member of International Whiplash Taskforce and consultant to the UK Airforce Fast Jet Fighter Pilot Program. Robert also has several publications on the topic of chronic neck pain, particularly relating to Whiplash injuries.

  • Deb Hampton

    Deb heads up our Administration team at the Melbourne Whiplash Centre.  Deb first joined our team in 1994 as a receptionist, her people skills were quickly recognised and  she has a natural and sincere empathy with our clients.

  • Nick Harrison

    Senior Physiotherapist / MCU Consultant
    Nick is a Physiotherapist within our large dynamic team. Nick has been trained to use the MCU on the Melbourne protocol. “I particularly enjoy seeing the benefits our rehab program has on our patients, I see them slowly turn from patients to active people again, I love it”.

  • Brandon Kam

    Consultant Physiotherapist / MCU Consultant
    Brandon is our Clinical Manager of Physiotherapy. Brandon has been involved with assessing and treating Whiplash patients for 10 years. He also treats headaches and jaw pain in all age groups.

  • Angus Ross

    Consultant Physiotherapist / MCU Consultant
    Angus is a Senior Physio at the MWC. He has a special interest in treating both acute and chronic neck conditions. He has been extensively trained on the MCU.

  • Robyn Fitzgerald

    Senior Physiotherapist / MCU Consultant
    Robyn is a Senior Physio at the MWC with a keen interest in neck conditions. Robyn also has a special interest in Women’s health.

  • Dennise Smith

    Senior Physiotherapist / MCU Consultant
    Dennise is a Physiotherapist from Scotland. She is well travelled and well educated in the management of patients suffering from neck issues stemming from car accidents or from long term abuse at a computer. Dennise is also trained on the MCU.

  • Prav Puvimanasingam

    Senior Physiotherapist / MCU Consultant

    Prav is a Senior Physiotherapist who is trained on the MCU. He is an experienced physiotherapist with a Masters Degree in Musculoskeletal Physio.

  • Sean Walton

    Associate Physiotherapist / MCU Consultant

    Sean is a Physiotherapist with additional training in neck pain and Whiplash management. He is also physiotherapist for the Sandringham Football Club.